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Last updated: 25 Oct 2018

Solar and Thermal Nanophotonics & Nanoplasmonics

Nano-structured photonic and plasmonic materials with embedded internal resonances possess unique properties that can be exploited for the existing and emerging applications in renewable energy generation, energy storage, nanoscale heat management, etc. A high density of optical states in the vicinity of photonic and plasmonic nanostructures, meta-surfaces and meta-materials enhances light absorption and emission, enables localized heating, and drives near-field heat exchange between hot and cold surfaces. Surface plasmon modes channel the energy of absorbed photons directly to the free electrons, and the generated hot electrons can be utilized in thermoelectric, photovoltaic and photo-catalytic platforms. My research in solar and thermal nanophotonics encompasses near-field radiative heat transfer, development of advanced thermophotovoltaic platforms and hybrid photovoltaics & solar-thermal energy generators, plasmonic heating, super-heated vapor generation, and remote temperature sensing.

Guest-edited Special Issues:

Optics Express, 2015: Control of Radiative Processes for Energy Conversion and Harvesting (with Peter Bermel, Zongfu Yu and Karl Joulain)

Nanophotonics, 2016: Smart nanophotonics for renewable energy and sustainability (with Vivian Ferry and Alexander Kildishev)


New materials & concepts

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Photovoltaics & Solar-thermal

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Near-field heat transfer & Thermo-photovoltaics

S.V. Boriskina, J.K. Tong, Y. Huang, J. Zhou, V. Chiloyan, and G. Chen, "Enhancement and tunability of near-field radiative heat transfer mediated by surface plasmon polaritons in thin plasmonic films," Photonics, 2(2), 659-683, 2015.

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Thermal management & detection

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